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              Specializing in Home Inspections and Residential Construction Management. New home construction and renovations that you would be proud to tell your children and grand children "he built our home".

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 Specializing in Home Inspections & Residential Construction Management Consulting

*Construction Engineering Technologist*
*Construction Management Diploma*
*Moister Control Technician*
*Professional Home Inspector*
*Professional Mold Inspector*
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Harry Gavacs Residential Construction Managerr
If you have questions or concerns about  Home Inspections, residential construction management or new home construction, I would like to help.
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Email: dad.the.builder@hotmail.com

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Harry Gavacs has been working with home owners to produce dream homes that fits their lifestyle for more then a quarter century. Specializing in new home construction and renovations
soon earned the nick name Dad the Builder not only because of his extensive education and knowledge of construction but because he cares and has integrity. Every home owner deserves a home that they feel good about, Harry Gavacs does what it takes to make your home a place to be proud of. Harry believes that construction is more about the people that live in and work on the homes then the material that it is made of.
Mr. Harry Gavacs
is the proud owner of
Homeowners Edge

Home Inspection Ltd.

After years of working for other companies Harry Gavacs has taken the plunge and opened Homeowners Edge. He wants to help homeowners select a home they can feel safe and secure in. Every homeowner needs to know the condition of their home: when you buy, sell, or invest in a home you should have an independent, impartial home inspector look at the maintenance, repairs, and safety concerns that need to be addressed. Homeowners need someone on their side, that someone is Homeowners Edge Home Inspections Ltd. give Harry at homeowners edge a cal.
Home Inspections

 New Home construction is a fluid never the same always changing process. As soon as you have it figured out it changes and the new home construction manager had better be able to change with it. New ideas, materials and building science married to traditional values that produce a dream home at a price they can afford.  That is what every home owner wants.

Construction management

  How did Harry Gavacs become Dad the Builder

A good long time ago, Harry was taking his daughter around to job sites with him And ever time they stopped to talk to a trades person he would say this is Bill the finisher and this is Gary the electrician. As the day went by and they stopped one more time. They stopped at a site and tolled his daughter  "This is Steve the framer" and his daughter asked "If Steve is the framer, and bill is the finisher, and Gary is the electrician, then what are you?" He looked at his daughter and started to give this long explanation of how "I run the jobs, coordinate the trades, and do all the paper work." Steve piped up and said "Your dads the builder." His daughter smiled and said "Oh so your Dad the builder." The next day every tradesman in the neighborhood was calling him Dad the Builder.  It stuck , so here it is years later and he still gets called Dad The Builder.

"If a builder can not show Caring, Integrity, and Knowledge they will fall to the wayside and be passed by, by their future clients"
Harry Gavacs
"It is construction managements responsibility to develop and maintain relationships with in the construction industry. Good relationships in the construction industry start with clear documentation such as scopes of work, specifications, and contracts. Once these are in place it is much easier to treat each other with  respect, consideration, and concern for mutual gain."
Harry Gavacs
"The most frustrating thing for builders and clients alike is when we run into he said, she said. Remember, if it is not in the contract it will not happen. If it is not in righting it does not exist. Keep the relationship good between contractor and client write it down even if the client changes there mind and rejects the change order."
Harry Gavacs

Mr. Harry Gavacs    (Dad the Builder)

Email: dad.the.builder@hotmail.com

Specializing in Residential Construction Management

An accomplished senior level professional with 28 years experience covering all aspects of residential construction. A formal education in construction management and a strong background in industry lead continuing education. Easily adjusts to an ever changing industry. Whether working with large home builders or individual home owners he brings caring, integrity and knowledge to every project. The past 17 years have been in new home construction management and renovations management, Building well over 700 homes, numerous renovations and Managing a modicum of special projects. Including single family, duplexes, four-plexes, six-plexes, and condo projects. He is familiar and comfortable with all new technologies from building products to software. Accomplished at creating, refining, and using work flow documentation and systems including; contracts, budgets, scope of works, specifications, estimates, schedules, customer satisfaction and warranty reports. Has superb written, lecture, and training abilities. Exceptional people skills. Able to build outstanding understanding with local officials, trades, venders, architects, engineers, homeowners and other clients. Capable of building a strong team of estimators, draftsmen, superintendents and other workers that can complete any residential projects. Believes that truth, trust and loyalty are imperative to good team building.

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Construction Management
Prepare contracts, scope of works, material specifications, and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements.
     Prepare, develop and submit construction project budget estimates and house model budgets.
     Plan and prepare construction schedules and milestones and monitor progress.
     Develop and implement quality control, warranty / service, and customer satisfaction programs.
     Prepare cost and set house pricing and extras product catalogs for sales team.
     Select, evaluate, and regulate trade subcontractors and co-ordinate their activities and performance.
     Prepare and submit construction project and house model budget estimates.
     Develop housing models by coordinating sales, drafting, estimating, and others input. 
     Oversee the collection, and evaluation of construction process data and information and implement revision to projects.
     Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate daily operations.
     Direct the purchase of building materials and land acquisitions.
     Prepare reports communicating budget successes and cost over runs.
     Prepare and evaluate sales submitting and expense details for owners review.
     Work with sales and controller to create budget forecasts.
     Recruit, motivate, evaluate, and develop training programs on group and individual levels for a team of estimator’s, draftsmen, superintendents,
     Inspectors, and other required staffing.
     Office and site supervision,
     Developing and performing inspections

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Residential Construction Management Testimonials

I have had the privilege of working with Harry on several projects and whether it is a small renovation or a large multi family project, Harry is professional, reliable and courteous. His knowledge of building construction principles and the understanding of project scheduling allows him to perform at a high level and deliver a superior product -- Trent Diletzoy.

I have worked with Harry for 20 years and have always enjoyed our time together. Harry is a detail oriented manager who solves problems quickly to keep projects moving along. Myself along with my employees are always eager to work along with Harry as we know we will be able to accomplish our work in a timely manner with his help. -- Joel Blais.

Harry is a knowledgeable, personable, detail-minded construction manager. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his work, eager to teach anyone that he works with. All around, he is a pleasure to work with. -- Cory Weslosky.

"Harry built us a wonderful basement development" and "He is a kind and caring soul" Sonny Surgent, Edmonton, Alberta.

"Harry kept us informed at every corner of our renovation." -- ,Bob and Tracy Goodman, Edmonton, Alberta.

"I learned more from Harry then anyone else about construction Harry is an excellent construction manager" -- Andy Russel, Edmonton, Alberta.

 Specializing in Residential Construction Management

*Construction Engineering Technologist*
*Construction Management Diploma*
*Moister Control Technician*
*Professional Home Inspector*
*Professional Mold Inspector*
Additional Education

Edmonton, Alberta